Empathy Series: Connected Communication for Everyone

Connected Communication for Everyone (RakSa)
This workshop was originally taught at RakSa, a space for healing through transformative education, movement awareness, and holistic medicines. Contact us if you would like to bring this workshop to your organization or local community group.


An embodied approach to navigating life and relationships
In this series of three workshops, you will have the opportunity to redefine your relationships in ways that allow you to co-create with authenticity, joy, and compassion. Drawing upon practices of embodied emotional processing and Nonviolent Communication, we will explore conflict as a source of intimacy in all types of human relationships. These playful classes will offer both practical tools and a powerful theory that can be applied to a lifetime of possibilities.

Session One: Discovery: January 21, 2012
Connected communication begins with learning to distinguish between observations and judgments. In this workshop, we will look at assumptions and how they influence our thoughts, reactions, and behavior. Through play and investigation, we will expose the underlying narratives driving our lives and rewrite those stories with compassion. We will lay the foundation for taking responsibility for our own reality on a practical level.

Session Two: Understanding: February 18, 2012
We will investigate the underlying causes of our patterns and behaviors and gain deeper understanding for the driving forces behind our actions. Shifting from a paradigm of blame to one of exploration, we will explore the power of self-forgiveness and guilt-free learning from mistakes.

Session Three: Creation: March 17, 2012
This session focuses on applying connected communication to the art of relationships. We will work on offering feedback and making requests in a way that fosters honesty and collaboration. We will find the power of play in creating the life we love and true freedom of choice, allowing us to say “yes” or “no” without fear.